Meet The Wes Larsen Media Crew

Meet Wes Larsen

Wedding & Commercial Videographer

Aloha! My name is Wesley Larsen. I was raised in Hawaii, and I have been filmmaking and editing for the past 12 years. I’ve worked hard to gain recognition and grow my skills through filming. Working alongside the best in the wedding industry, I’ve mastered my craft and gained experience crucial for high-class wedding videography. With my expertise, I can make your magic day come to life through film.

All our products are in house, from the film making to the post production process. This is an advantage for specific details you may want to showcase or a certain story you desire to tell. I pride myself on being accessible throughout the whole production process, in order to create a memorable and pleasant experience.

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Ryan Holmes

Wedding  Videographer

My name is Ryan Holmes and film is my passion. I haven’t been able to put down a camera since I was 13. I graduated with a Cinematic Production degree and have worked my whole life to create and tell stories. Capturing every detail and telling beautiful and unique stories is what inspires me everyday.
Ryan Holmes, videographer for Wes Larsen Media on Maui, Hawaii | Hawaii wedding videography

Rachel Elizabeth

Wedding  Videographer

Hi I’m Rachel, the swiss-army knife of Wes Larsen’s media team. I grew up with a passion for photography. Capturing candid, fleeting moments from unique perspectives is what defines my work. I like to take a step back during the hustle and bustle of a busy wedding and capture the authentic interactions between the couple and their guests. In the past few years I’ve expanded my horizons and added videography to my skill set. Whether I’m capturing stills or film - I bring 100% passion for my work, to document your love and connection as authentically as I can.
rachel elizabeth, wedding videographer on maui for Wes Larsen Media

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